Trust, The key ingredient

Trust, the key ingredient.

J.P. Morgan once famously declared, “the first thing is character, Character, dictates trust, and without trust, a man could not get money from me on all the bonds in Christendom.”

Trust is the key ingredient in our business, any business. It is vital to our success and enables us to dream and make the impossible possible. A wealth of research and evidence has turned the importance of transparency, fair play and equality to be a truism. Trust and Transparency are therefore a recurring theme in this article.

Fragmented Media, Fragmenting Audiences

Television is undoubtedly still king of the Indian media hill – and with the growing assuredness of BARC – advertisers are keeping the faith with TV more than ever. New channels continue to be minted or rebadged, e.g. Republic, Jeet, Star Bharat, Sony Ten HD, Pitara, Zee UP UK and so many more!

But fragmentation is still determined by differentiated content and viewer choices. If Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai made many laugh out loud, Kya Haal Mr Panchal turned an old idea on its head, but clearly the Big Boss of TV still remains Mr Bachchan. His latest turn on KBC sizzled the ratings charts and beat several good performances hollow - in contrast - Shahrukh Khan reveled in the spotlight with a curated version of TED Talks. And while it didn’t garner as many audiences, it certainly looks like no pushover.

What I think we are now seeing are the green shoots of maturity in the television content industry – although I will steer clear of this debate on news channels!

Television is fragmenting at the regional level and more content is being launched to cater to a growing audience. Even the IPL is likely to be broadcast in >6 languages in 2018. That’s a whole lot more fragmentation with just 1 program given the audiences it attracts – which in the coming year is reportedly pegged at 700 Million.

Technology is emboldening these investments further, as the distribution ecosystem matures and begins to pay its fair share of dues. As a result we are seeing experiments with programmatic TV in various forms, one of which includes devices with technology convergence.

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