The end of "Appointment Viewing"

The end of "Appointment Viewing" as we know it

Thanks to subtitles on Amazon Prime, many non-southerners are discovering the joys of watching some fantastic Telugu, Tamil and other Indian language films and vice versa for Southerners with Hindi films.

This will expand the audience base across the country and the globe; giving Amazon the much needed space to play catch up with Netflix. But putting up shows like Stranger Things and The Grand Tour are likely to burn more than just a proverbial hole in their pocket and the fight for audiences between these 2 global giants will singe many a TV channel.

Consider this, the die hard aficionados are looking to download content, and streaming video subscription is becoming an option for many others to watch at their convenience.

Audience attrition is a given since many will opt out of the “appointment viewing” model of TV.

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