The ingenuity of consumers

India’s rising economy continues its exalted run, even with a looming signal that the Government will exceed its (FRBM) fiscal deficit targets. But industry appears upbeat, the SENSEX has scaled a lifetime high of 34K (as on date), rationalization of taxes under GST is being managed proactively, and NCLT along with the Insolvency and

Bankruptcy code have struck at the root of industrial profligacy.

One of the major losers in this “pruning” has been Reliance ADAG which despite a significant media footprint had to hive off its DTH, Radio and TV businesses. Recently it also shuttered its telecom business, agreeing to sell its assets and spectrum to Mukesh Ambani led RIL Jio.

The "creative destruction" of India’s telecom sector is a fine example of disruption over taking a highly regulated milch sector. What matters now is how the market shapes up, given the generous rates on data downloads and transfer and elasticity of bandwidths.

But the market is ultimate arbiter and ingenious as consumers are, they’re converting any time spent “waiting or traveling” to screen time leading to the death of prime time.

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