What we do

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Digeratie is a full-service digital marketing agency, we leverage our years of expertise across a range of digital marketing verticals and mainline media to create multi-pronged campaigns and strategies.

Digital Strategy


What drives your business?

How can we positively impact you sales?

Can we measure ROI on TOFU activity?

Our strategists seek answers

to the difficult questions on digital marketing. We work with you on metrics that help deliver business growth, continuously.



Our design studio is equipped and able to deliver superior  art designs and creative layouts at scale.

  1. Graphic Design

  2. Website Design

  3. Landing Page Designs

  4. UX Design

  5. Video Films

Social Media Marketing


Harness the power of organic  social media creatives and campaigns that target & engage relevant audiences.

  1. Social Media Platform Strategy

  2. Community Development 

  3. Influencer Marketing

  4. Social Media Reports & Monitoring

  5. Content Development

Content Creation


With a strategy is in place, our content teams use the width of your business to generate content which scales  


  1. Blogs

  2. Video Shoots

  3. Case Studies

  4. Research Reports

  5. Podcasts

  6. Live Events

  7. Influencer Content

Search Engine Optimisation


Our understanding and implementation of SEO campaigns are designed to improve your brand visibility in search engine result pages. 

  1. On Page & Technical

  2. Off Page

  3. App Store Optimisation

  4. International

  5. Ecommerce

Performance Media


Navigate the paid media investments with confidence and our finely crafted plans and granular detailing. 

  1. Google Ads

  2. Display Advertising

  3. Facebook and Instagram Ads

  4. Ecommerce PPC

  5. Amazon Ads

  6. Programmatic

  7. Affiliate Marketing

  8. Native Ads



The e-commerce storefront is by far the most valuable property that a brand can invest in. We ensure our clients get it right from the start.  

  1. E-Comm Store Planning 

  2. Store Design, Setup & Build

  3. Logistics Consulting

  4. Amazon Store Creation

  5. Automation, CRM and other tools integration

Media Planning and Buying 

Media strategy and planning is a core capability of our teams. We are skilled at planning and implementing multilayered media campaigns across:

  1. Premium Buys

  2. Programmatic

  3. Ad Networks (Web + mobile)

  4. Influencer Promotion